UpPotential is an on-line self-help program, accessible to people of all ages and genders. The purpose of this program is to help people at every stage of their life to cope with anxiety, stress and other life pressures.

Program is designed to enhance self-awareness by assessing the strengths and the weaknesses, the causes, the nature of stress and its psychological and physiological impact on the individual. Self-awareness and understanding why you are the way you are is the key to growth and self-control.

UpPotential believes that family, friends and colleagues can also play a supportive role to those who are under stress by learning the coping skills and helping them to deal with their problems. The program provides strategies and skills which will help people overcome the symptoms of anxiety, fear and stress. However, UpPotential’s program is not a substitute for those who need professional help, but that it can be effectively combined to help people regain their mental wellness.

The content of the program is the result of scientific research, which is designed by a team of experts.  There are varieties of self-help skills offered in each lesson.  To achieve a better understanding of the contents and the use of the skills,  a three days' delivery schedule for each lesson is programed to achieve an optimal result.


Three Stages